Glass Shower Door Tips

Shower Doors Are Not Watertight

Shower enclosures, when properly installed, are designed to prevent leaks under normal shower conditions. Excessive water pressure or directing the shower spray directly at the door do not represent normal shower conditions and can result in leaks.

Towel Bar and Handle Warning

Towel bars and handles are not to be used as grab bars. It will not support your weight. Do not hang from it. Do not stand on it. If you use excessive force, it could snap off, shatter your shower door, and send glass everywhere.

Abrasive Cleaner Warning

Do not use abrasive or acid-based cleaners when cleaning your shower enclosure. There are some powerful cleaners on the market today. Abrasive or acid-based cleaners can scar the metal or glass of your shower enclosure. It probably wouldn’t happen with a single application, but it’s best to use appropriate types of cleaners all the time.

Maintaining Your Glass

Some individuals wait a long time to clean their enclosures (weeks, months, etc.), and then express concern that they can’t get water spots, mold, or other things off of their shower enclosures. It all depends on how clean you want your enclosure. For best results, shower enclosures should be cleaned with a squeegee or towel after exposure to water.

Warning about Opening & Closing Your Shower Door

Do not use excessive force when opening & closing your shower enclosure.

Shower Enclosure Structural Warning

Do not hang from or stand on your shower enclosure. It’s not designed to support your weight, so just don’t do it.

Glass Obscurity Warning

Make sure to consider all the important factors when selecting the obscurity level of your glass. What degree of privacy do you want when showering?