St. Joseph Shower Door Replacement Company

St.-Joseph-Shower-Door-Replacement-CompanyIf you want to ensure that your glass shower doors in St. Joseph are as strong as they are attractive, check out Precision Glass and our frameless shower doors. Standard glass, which measures only three-sixteenths of an inch thick, usually serves quite well in the construction of traditional framed shower doors. However, standard glass does not possess sufficient strength for use in frameless shower doors. For this reason, St. Joseph residents often prefer to install frameless shower doors for the aesthetic beauty they impart.

New Heavy Duty Glass Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors must be made with heavy glass. Heavy glass measures a full three-eighths of an inch in thickness, thus providing twice the strength of standard glass. The construction of modern frameless shower doors mandates the extra heft and stability that the heavy glass provides. In addition to lending a more substantial appearance, this extra thickness makes heavy glass shower doors far less likely than their standard-glass cousins to shimmy and shake.

Hundreds of Shower Door Design Options

Heavy glass shower doors will immediately impart a look of upscale spaciousness to the bathroom of any St. Joseph homeowner. With a frameless shower door, you need no longer worry about the rust and corrosion that often appear on the metal frames of traditional shower doors. In addition, without the obstruction caused by a frame, a frameless shower door also proves far easier to clean. With a heavy glass shower door, the St. Joseph homeowner has a range of glass styles from which to choose. While clear, frosted and tinted glass are always options, many people have become particularly attracted to the special textured beauty afforded by three-dimensional cast glass, an especially captivating premium option.

Safe Glass Shower Doors for St. Joseph Homes

When constructing heavy glass shower doors, most manufacturers employ tempered glass that will, in the event of breakage, crumble into tiny cube-shaped pieces. In contrast to the extreme damage normally caused by shattered glass, the little chunks into which tempered glass breaks cannot easily penetrate the skin. Since more falls occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the home, St. Joseph homeowners who install custom shower doors appreciate knowing that tempered glass was used in their construction. If you’re planning to install a frameless shower in your St. Joseph home, give us a call for more information.

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