School Window Installation and Replacement in Kansas City Area

Comomercial Glass for Schools photoIf you’re looking for a window installation company in Kansas City for school windows, look to Precision Glass. From grade schools to high schools to colleges, we have installed glass in many schools around the Kansas City area. We’ve been a commercial glass installer since 1991. We have the experience and knowledge to install your glass quickly and properly with no hassles. We work with general contractors, remodelers, and business owners and we know the glass industry inside and out.

Scheduling Glass Installation for Schools Windows Is Critical

Because schools are only empty for three months out of the year, scheduling glass replacement or installation becomes our highest priority. When scheduling the work to be done in such a short amount of time, communication with general contractors and suppliers is also very critical. Because we have good relationships with our suppliers and contractors, it makes planning weeks in advance for work to be performed on time easier and smoother. It’s just one more advantage you get with Precision Glass.

We Stay Up to Date with Code Compliance and Safety Requirements for Schools

With the unfortunate tragedies that have occurred at schools across the nation, lawmakers, architects and school districts have focused sharply on entry into the buildings. Using tempered, laminated, insulated glass, and only allowing entry after being buzzed in by office personnel, has pushed the challenge of keeping our children safe squarely onto the glazing industry’s shoulders. We take this challenge seriously. With today’s changing codes, it is our responsibility to make sure that schools are compliant to ensure everyone’s safety. When codes are modified, we take the required time to educate ourselves to stay up to date. For instance, a compliant plan includes the installing of safety glass in doors or within 24” of entrances and finished floors as well as adjacent to walking surfaces (sidewalks and stairs). If we see a plan that does not include these precautions, we inform our clients of the code and make sure it is installed properly.

We Custom Fabricate the Windows for Your School

At Precision Glass, we custom fabricate our windows and frames in our in-house glass workshop. When you choose Precision Glass, you get a high quality product that will save you on energy bills in the future. Windows in school buildings can account for energy loss unless they are fitted with the right kind of energy efficient windows. With Precision Glass, not only do we use insulated glass, but our framing is energy efficient as well. The thermal break provides an insulating barrier within the frame which minimizes the transfer of energy (heat or cold) through the frame.

Whether safety, scheduling, or energy savings are a priority, Precision Glass is the glass company to call for fast, accurate, and efficient school glass installation. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call at (816) 781-0087 or (913) 649-1200.