Residential Glass in Kansas City

In Kansas City, no one is more qualified to do window and residential glass repair and installation than Precision Glass. Our combination of experience, in-house capabilities and extensive window selections is more than other companies can offer. We can also do window installation and residential glass repair. Knowing you have Kansas City’s number one choice, you can be rest easy, with us covering your window needs.

When it comes to window installation, the quality of materials and the installation process, itself, will determine how the glass holds up. We believe that we’re the right company to give you the residential glass and window installation that you deserve – nothing less than the best! People trust us, and we want to show why we’ve become homeowners’ top pick for their glass needs.

We have a wide selection of all the residential glass you need. From shower doors to mirrors to custom-cut glass, we’re the one-stop shop you are looking for. You don’t have to go far in Kansas City to find a reliable glass company. We’ve been serving our beloved home for more than 25 years now, and we plan to do it for much longer. As for repair jobs, we accept these whether we installed the glass or not. The important thing is to properly address the problem.

Reliability for Residential Customers

You want someone you can rely on to fix things around the house: a go-to plumber, electrician, and contractor, for instance. With Precision Glass, you have your go-to glass guys – and we’re here to stay.

No matter what kind of job it is, we won’t make quality any less than top priority. Our team always prioritizes doing the job right, be it residential or commercial. With the ability to create custom glass, we won’t shy away from doing any job.

Talk to one of our experts, today, so you can get professional feedback about your project.