Kansas City Office Building Window Installation and Replacement

If you’re looking for Kansas City office building window installation, Precision Glass is the glass company to call. We’ve been a commercial glass installer since 1991 and we know the commercial glass business inside and out. Whether you’re a general contractor, remodeler, or business owner, you’ll love our commercial glass design and installation services. From small office buildings in strips to multi-story office buildings, our glazers have the know-how and experience to make your glass installation project go smoothly and quickly. Give us a call and we will send one of our team’s professionals to measure your building. Then, we custom fabricate the glass in our workshop and install it in your office building.

Commercial Glass Installation for Office Buildings

From small, one-story office buildings to skyscrapers, Precision Glass makes Kansas City’s office buildings beautiful and secure. No matter where you go in the Kansas City metro, there’s a good chance that Precision Glass has helped build the office building you’re working in or visiting. We can start with the design/build stage and work with architects to choose the best types of glass windows for your office building. From custom window walls or curtain walls to commercial skylights, glass walls & partitions, Precision can cover every glass option you need. We also offer Kansas City office building window replacement and office building window repair. We are craftsmen and professional glazers and we deliver the highest quality workmanship.

We Manufacture Our Own Glass and Aluminum Window Framing

At Precision Glass we custom fabricate our windows and frames in our in-house workshop. Our windows feature insulated glass and thermally broken aluminum framing for maximum energy savings. In office buildings, windows and doors make up a massive percentage of exterior wall area. A lot of energy can be lost through the glass and the frames holding the glass in place. Not only do we use insulated glass, but our aluminum framing is designed to reduce energy loss as well. The thermal break works by providing an insulating barrier within the frame which minimizes the transfer of energy (heat or cold) through the frame.

If you need a glazer in Kansas City for your office building project, call Precision Glass at (816) 781-0087 or (913) 649-1200.