Lenexa Shower Doors For Your Home

Lenexa Shower DoorsA well-made glass shower door perfectly finishes a new or renovated luxury shower stall. Lenexa homeowners who need a new shower door should turn to Precision Glass for the best in custom-made glass shower doors. With the wide range of options, every shower door ordered is an individual piece of art.

Custom Glass Shower Doors in Lenexa

Building codes require glass shower doors to be made of tempered safety glass. This type of glass cannot be cut after it has been tempered. If a Lenexa homeowner needs a glass door for his/her shower, it usually must be custom-made to the size of the shower opening, especially if the shower has a non-standard opening. The glass ordered from Lenexa’s Precision Glass comes in a variety of thicknesses from 3/16 to 1/2-inches, all with the same standard of resiliency.

Lenexa Glass Shower Door Options

How transparent a shower door looks depends on the homeowner’s preferences. Some need shower doors to hide the person inside, but others like the look of unfrosted shower doors in clear or colored glass. Precision Glass makes custom shower doors for Lenexa homeowners with many variations on these options. Clear glass custom shower doors are available in frosted, textured, or cast. Each of these finish categories has more choices to tailor the shower door to match the rest of the bathroom decor. Colored glass may be selected instead of a textured finish.

Frameless Shower Door Installations in Lenexa

Those who prefer the look of frameless shower doors may select those from Precision Glass services for Lenexa, Kansas. Frameless shower doors appear to float in the space across the opening of the shower with just a fine track or small hinges barely visible on the door. Heavy glass shower doors may be ordered for homeowners who associate the heft of a shower door with safety. The increased weight of heavy glass shower doors helps them to stay closed, even with a towel draped over the top of the door.

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