Independence, MO Glass Shower Door Installation

Independence-MO-Glass-Shower-Door-InstallationServing the Independence MO region for decades, Precision Glass handles a broad range of residential and commercial glass projects, including glass shower doors. In addition to the standard types of glass shower doors, Precision Glass also offers heavy glass shower doors and frameless shower doors. Services include new shower door installations, as well as repairs and replacements. Custom glass projects, like the designing of custom shower doors, are always welcome. 


Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are Safer for Independence Homes

Heavy glass shower doors are thicker than the standard types of glass shower doors, 3/8 to ½ inch thick, as compared to the standard thickness of 3/16 inch. This heavier glass is a good option for Independence MO households with young children because it is tempered. If it does break, it crumbles, instead of breaking into sharp, dangerous pieces. Heavy glass shower doors are a far safer choice in households where the occasional accident is a possibility. This type of glass is available in clear, in a variety of colors, and in opaque textures and patterns. Visit our showroom t see all of the amazing styles available. It is located at I-35 and Pleasant Valley and open M-F from 7 am till 4 pm.

Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are Easier to Clean

Frameless shower doors typically feature the heavier glass. These doors offer a stylish look, and can give a sleek, modern art type of feel to an Independence MO bathroom. However, this shower door option also offers a major practical advantage that can be quite welcome in busy households. Frameless shower doors tend to be easier to clean than framed doors, as the frame isn’t blocking the edge, leaving no opportunity for buildup. Precision Glass has the expertise and experience to offer custom shower doors as well, and can help in the design of a personalized bathroom, from shower to mirrors to windows.

Call Precision Glass for Shower Door Repair, Replacement or Custom Designs

Glass shower doors are an affordable way to enhance an existing bathroom or add elegance to a home building plan, especially when expert Independence shower door installers from Precision Glass are on the job. An attractive bathroom adds value to a home, increasing its appeal. Precision Glass offers skilled repair and replacement services to customers in the Independence MO region, both residential and commercial. Free estimates are available over the phone. For projects that are a bit more complex, like custom shower doors, just call and make an appointment for an on-site estimate.

If you live in Independence and would like a custom glass shower door estimate, CLICK HERE.