Glass Shower Door Color Options

No longer are your options clear or clear. Now you can choose from a variety of glass shower door colors. Imagine taking a relaxing shower behind an Azuria blue shower door the color of the Caribbean Sea. Solexia echoes the soft green of a windswept Pacific coast. Or choose to add drama with a touch of bold Bronze. Go even darker and increase your privacy with Smoke. With so many choices, the shower door color you’ll decide on is anything but clear.

glass shower door colors

Important Notes:

  • Actual colors may not match those on your screen
  • Additional patterns may also be available

Starphire Glass Has the Clear Edge over Traditional Glass

starphire-picSomething most people don’t realize about glass is that the thicker the glass, the darker the edge appears. If you look at the edge of any standard glass piece, you’ll see that it has a greenish hue. The thicker the glass gets, the darker the hue grows. While this may not be a problem in every case, some people don’t like the look of the dark edge that you get with traditional glass. If you are not a fan of the dark edged glass, you’ll be glad to hear that you do have an option – Starphire glass. Starphire glass is a different type of glass that allows more light than traditional glass to pass through it which means Starphire glass does not darken near as much as traditional glass as it gets thicker.

What Makes Starphire Glass Different?

edgecolorguideThere is a difference in glass types when it comes to the amount of light they allow to infiltrate their surface. Starphire glass is the most transparent glass in the industry. A proprietary formulation and manufacturing process gives Starphire glass a jewel-like blue edge. Because it lets more light in, the edge does not darken to the degree that traditional glass does. The edge maintains a pleasant bluish green color. The difference may be subtle, but Starphire glass creates a brighter, more visually pleasing edge that brings more light into your space.