Framed Glass Shower Door Installation & Replacement

If you’re looking for a fantastic selection of lightweight, framed, shower doors in Kansas City, Precision Glass is the “shower door headquarters” in Kansas City. Visit our showroom to get an idea of the hundreds of options you have. 




Framed Glass Shower Door Choices

Glass Shower Door Frames

We have shower doors to match any décor. Choose from dozens of frames and finishes – classic chrome, brushed nickel, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, copper, black, white, and more. Whatever your décor, we have a shower door frame that will enhance it. 

Options For Framed Shower Door Glass

Light shower door glass comes in a variety of glass choices. Depending on the level of privacy you desire, you can choose from clear, colored, frosted, and patterned. 

Framed, Custom, Glass Shower Enclosures

Most typical showers fall into common configurations that will accommodate most ordinary shower doors – hinged, sliding, shower/tub sliding doors. But don’t worry if you need a custom shower door. We can do that too. If you have a unique shower that doesn’t fall into a typical configuration, our glass door experts will come to your home, take measurements and create the perfect shower door for your bathroom. At Precision Glass, we can custom create a shower enclosure that meets all of your needs. 

Framed Shower Door Installation

We can design, cut and install glass for any project. Call us or sign up on our home page for a free estimate. We can usually give you an estimate over the phone, but if you have a more complicated enclosure, we’ll come to your home and take measurements. And don’t forget, we also install mirrors and mirror walls and can custom cut and install a mirror for your bathroom as well.