Exclusive Shower Door Warranty

Homeowner Responsibilities

Your Precision Glass Services Shower Enclosures are made of tempered safety glass, durable hardware, and the finest aluminum. With the proper care and maintenance, your Precision Shower Enclosure will provide a lifetime of use. We do not recommend the use of harsh abrasive cleaners on any of the shower enclosure products, as they may damage the metal or glass finish of your enclosure. See our Shower Doors Dos and Don’ts for complete detail and recommendations.

3-Year Labor Warranty

Labor for installation of a Precision Glass shower door enclosure is covered for 3 years from the date of installation.

General Disclaimers

No other warranties are expressed or implied, including that of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall be liable for special, direct, indirect, or consequential damage, including but not limited to, loss of profits or damage to other property. Any warranty implied by law and not effectively excluded by this warranty are limited to the duration and remedies of this warranty.

The laws and regulations that govern the installation, design, and use of the shower or tub enclosure vary widely. Precision Glass Services does not control the selection of product, configuration, operating hardware, or glazing material, and therefore does not assume any responsibility thereof.

Precision Glass Services reserves the right to modify this warranty at any time, and the consumer understands that such modification will not alter the warranty conditions applicable at the time of the sale of the product.

Glass and Surface Protection Disclaimer

Precision Glass Services does not warrant glass for scratches, chips, water spots, breaking or for any other defect after installation. Glass surface protection systems are not covered under this warranty, but may be covered under another warranty.