Commercial Glass Replacement

Precision Glass makes it easy for those with commercial glass projects by simply providing everything they need. We work with contractors, remodelers, and directly with business owners to assist with their glass needs. We can provide skylights, partitions, two-way glass, tabletops and almost all kinds of glass items you will require. You can also come to us for window and door replacement work.

We take pride in undertaking complex and large-scale commercial projects, from historic renovation to wall coverage to window walls to custom mirrors. As veteran glaziers and true craftsmen, we relish working on unique projects, and delivering high-quality products. We got to where we are by ensuring that our commercial glass has the Precision Glass trademark: beautiful and durable.

In addition, we can fabricate the custom glass that you need, so no need to worry about contacting multiple glass companies to get the job done. So, whether it’s for a school, office, store or a government building, our company can handle providing regular and made-to-fit specialty glass, glass surfaces, and more.

Replacement Services

Security and safety are major issues when it comes to glass panes with large cracks. So, get in touch with us before anything untoward happens. We will come in for the job as soon as possible to make sure you have a superior replacement. We can provide standard-sized glass windows and doors. If we don’t have anything pre-made that fits your requirements, we can fabricate it in our workshop.

Precision Glass will ensure that we deliver in a timely fashion. We understand that glass surfaces are only a part of the whole project, whether it’s a renovation or full construction job. As such, you can count on us to keep up with the progress and deliver the products within the agreed time.