Church Window & Glass Door Installation & Replacement in Kansas City

When you think of church window glass, most people picture stained glass windows. While most churches have stained glass windows, at Precision Glass, we focus on the rest of the glass that a church needs. Most churches in Kansas City have plenty of other glass needs inside. When church windows or doors break, Precision Glass is there to help repair and replace them quickly.

Not All Church Windows are Stained Glass

Inside a church, there are various glass needs. Think of the cry room where parents take fussy children to keep them from disturbing the service. There is a large clear pane of glass in front so visitors can still see and participate in the service. There are clear windows in offices and in vestibules, not to mention glass railings, and even glass altars. We can help with all glass replacement.

Church Door Glass Repair and Replacement

Many churches have glass doors at their entry, which require repairing and replacing when broken. Precision Glass can be there quickly to replace the glass and restore safety and security. We can replace glass in sliding doors, swinging doors and even revolving doors on churches. We have an in-house Call us for fast glass repair

Church Properties

Many churches are associated with parish schools. Obviously there are a lot of window needs when it comes to church schools. Other churches have many buildings associated with them where activities from meetings to choir practice to childcare take place. All of these church related buildings have windows and doors that Precision Glass can repair or replace when needed.

We are true craftsmen and professional glazers and we deliver the highest quality workmanship. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on church door and window installation.

Call us for any church glass repair or replacement at (816) 781-0087 or (913) 649-1200.