Why to Choose Shower Doors Instead of Curtains

When designing the bathroom in your future home or renovating one in your current place, deciding whether or not to invest in glass shower doors or settle for inexpensive shower curtains can put a pause on plans. 

Glass shower doors add more value to your home in the long run, with the added benefits of looking polished, creating less waste and being convenient to clean. Shower curtains are cheaper and can be rotated out based on seasons or style preferences. Those are the high-level benefits of each, but the team at Precision Glass Services has a few more points to make that can help you choose glass shower doors over curtains. 


Stylish glass doors will make your bathroom look bigger and brighter, while a shower curtain creates a barrier—having a completely opposite effect. Glass doors make a smaller bathroom look incredibly spacious and clean by utilizing sleek, minimal designs. Glass doors also show off the intricate tile design chosen for your shower instead of hiding it away behind a curtain.

Glass doors also allow homeowners to be more creative and daring with the rest of their bathroom, since it won’t distract or make the space look too busy. 


One of the best things about shower doors is how easy they are to clean—wipe them down periodically and do a deeper clean every month to maintain the best looking glass door possible. Shower curtains, however, easily accumulate moisture. Prolonged use of a shower curtain creates mold, prompting a need to replace it every few months. 

Glass-enclosed showers also keep more water off the floor, protecting your bathroom from mildew or mold in the areas surrounding the shower. 


Replacing shower curtains doesn’t just hurt your wallet, it hurts the environment as well. Most shower curtains are made with plastic or contain a trace amount of it, because it is durable and holds up well with moisture. So every time you have to toss out a mildewy or moldy shower curtain, you’re contributing to the 26.8 million tons of plastic that end up in landfills every year. 

Opting for a glass shower door is an easy way to go greener in your home. 


Cost might be the biggest reason you’re shying away from a glass shower door—they’re obviously more expensive than a flimsy shower curtain. Although they cost more money up front, they eliminate the recurring cost of replacing shower curtains every couple of months for the lifespan of your home. 

More importantly, glass shower doors are a popular, sought-after feature for many prospective homeowners. Choosing to add a glass shower door to your bathroom not only provides the look and feel you’re going for, but increases the value of your bathroom and overall home. In fact, Zillow data shows that bathroom remodels yield the biggest return in terms of boosting your home’s resale value. If you’ve been considering a remodel of your bathroom or are planning the design of your next home, be sure to call Precision Glass Services about our residential glass services. Contact us at (816) 781-0087 or stop by our showroom to see some examples of our work.