Why Thickness of Glass Matters

The average homeowner might not put a lot of thought into the type or thickness of glass used in their home. However when the time comes for your next interior glass or bathroom renovation, the experts at Precision Glass Services are here to ensure you have the best glass available for your specific project. 


While framed shower doors are typically a lower cost option, the frameless shower door is made using sturdier and thicker glass.  This not only provides a seamless and modern look, but a more durable and long term finish to your bathroom renovation.  These glass panels stand the test of time and will hold up through daily use and beyond. 

Common Misconceptions

One might assume that a glass door of any nature will be extremely fragile or hard to clean.  Both of these myths and countless others are easily avoided when working with an experienced glass company such as Precision Glass Services.  A frameless shower door is constructed with tempered glass and without other materials that could be susceptible to corrosion or additional damage after continuous use.

A thicker panel of glass will also be easier to clean.  Without the need for a supportive frame, the glass can easily and quickly be run over with a squeegee after exposure to water.  It also minimizes the amount of places water can collect and form mold or mildew.  This will ultimately help to avoid those time-consuming tough deep cleans, just to keep your shower and bathroom looking its best. 

Choosing the right glass for your project

While the options might feel fairly limited when choosing glass for your custom shower door project, there are many types of glass available to you in a wide range of thickness and textures.  Clear, frosted, and textured glass all come with their own unique set of pros and cons.  Ultimately every type of glass can be executed in remarkably different ways, best suited for your personal design and aesthetic preferences.

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