What Your Windows Are Telling You

At Precision Glass, we’re your one-stop shop for any residential glass services you may be in need of. Whether it’s custom window installation, design or any replacements and repairs necessary, our experts are here to help.

As a homeowner, you can be of great assistance here as well – it’s your job to spot the little warning signs that indicate your windows are having a potential issue. Here are some of these warning signs, and what they might be trying to tell you.


There are a couple kinds of condensation you might see with glass windows. If you see it between panes of glass within the window, this is a sign that the seals on the window are failing, and outside air is being let in. Moisture is trapped, and turns windows foggy. Moisture-failed panels are easy to replace, and this often won’t require a full overhaul.

If you notice condensation in the center of the glass within the house, however, this could be a sign of a gas leak. Typically argon, this gas leaks out from between glass panes, causing the glass to bow inwards. It also stops the window from providing good insulation. In these cases, replacement may be your only options.

Opening and Closing Difficulties

If a double-hung window is having issues opening or closing, this is a sign that your wood is swelling. This could be due to temperature or humidity changes. Trouble opening and closing could also relate to worn down springs, so if you don’t find any wood issues, look here next. Finally, if neither of these solves it, consider whether debris has built up on the window track, or whether any parts need to be cleaned or lubricated.

Leaking Water

This is a sign that your window isn’t closing tightly. This could be just due to a failure to lock it (locking often creates a tighter seal), or it could be due to intense rain. If a window appears to be shut tight but is still letting in water, this is a bad sign – the leak is likely not due to the window, and may be coming from an even more bothersome area like the roof or siding.


Drafty windows either mean the panes or the weather stripping around the sashes needs to be replaced. In some cases, it could be a sign that you need to upgrade your window insulation rating (tracked in U-value).

To learn more about window warning signs, or for more information on any of our residential glass services, speak to the pros at Precision Glass today.