What Are Heavy Glass Shower Doors?

Precision Glass Heavy Shower DoorsMaybe you’ve heard of heavy glass vs. standard but you’re not sure what the difference is. Basically, heavy glass is a thicker glass, usually 3/8″ thick instead of the normal 3/16″. For traditional showers with frames, the 3/16″ light glass shower door is fine. But with today’s newer styles, including frameless designs, a thicker glass is needed for stability. It is definitely needed to accommodate larger heights and widths. Not all frameless shower designs require heavy glass, but heavy glass doors can be incorporated into almost all frameless applications. Heavy glass shower doors not only look nicer, but you don’t get the wobble you typically get with the thinner glass even though it’s in a metal frame.

Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are More Upscale

Advantages of frameless shower enclosures are mostly aesthetic. Heavy glass doors eliminate the need for a thick, metal frame surrounding the glass making the room seem more spacious. Homeowners can achieve a more upscale and minimalist look and don’t have to worry about the metal frame matching anything else in the room. The Euro frameless look with polished edges has a definite modern feel. Heavy glass doors are also available in a wide variety of patterns and designs. From clear to frosted, and in different tints sure, but you’ll be amazed at our ultra premium glass option – cast glass. It’s a three-dimensional glass that looks and feels like nothing you’ve ever seen. Click here to visit our glass gallery to choose your favorite colors and textures.

Heavy Glass Doors Are Safer

Because heavy glass is made of safety tempered glass, it is also safer. Even though it is breakable, instead of large shards, it will crumble into small pieces eliminating the danger of jagged sharp edges. Heavy glass showers doors are held in place with the help of minimal clips, channels, and hinges. Frameless doors, as you might imagine are easier to clean as well. If you’re interested in adding a shower or updating your current bathroom with a more sleek and elegant look, heavy glass is the way to go. A frameless shower will add beauty and increase the value of your home.

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