Bathroom Design: 2017 Bathroom & Shower Trends

Mediterranean Bathroom PicThere’s one room in every home that gets used as much as any other, yet is often treated with less honor than it deserves, but this is changing.

Welcome to the modern bathroom! A place where beautiful and unique design is no longer neglected. This year, more than any other, remodelers are prepping for transformations that will make their bathrooms truly stunning. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

This truly classic style is making a comeback. One of the great things about Mediterranean design is that it can fit into many different interior design styles ranging from simplistic to exquisite, and whichever end of the spectrum you choose is sure to be casual and comfortable.

Mediterranean Influence

Mediterranean Bathroom PictureWhether you desire a theme reminiscent of Italy, Spain, Greece, or elsewhere, one of the most important elements is tiling. Patterned tiles or even mosaics are very popular, as the designs immediately carry your mind to exotic places. Stone flooring is also a beautiful choice when paired with accents of blue and terracotta. Throw in a potted plant from the palm family and hang a few original pieces of art depicting some vineyards or the Mediterranean Sea and wait to hear your friends rave when they come to visit!

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors Pic


For a bold display of modern elegance, many are choosing frameless glass shower doors for their bathrooms. This is an excellent choice if you have invested in tiled walls and want to show off their beauty without hiding anything with a shower curtain or even the frame of a traditional shower door.

Frameless shower doors are more upscale and aesthetically appealing, and this type of shower door can instantly make your bathroom feel even larger since it visually enhances the room’s dimensions.



Show Off with Shelving

Bathroom Shelving Picture


Gone are the days of hiding your towels and washcloths under the sink. In fact, these bathroom essentials practically qualify as bathroom decor when they are color-appropriate and neatly stacked in full view.

While other supplies such as bath tissue and packaged bars of soap may be stored in enclosed spaces, consider implementing an open-faced shelf to display more attractive items. Shelves are also great for oil diffusers or scented candles!



Maximize Space with Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Picture


Although no one likes to admit it, we all like to look at ourselves in the mirror; whether it’s because we want to make sure we look or best, practice a speech, or simply because we love our face! Why stop with a mirror over the sink?

If your home designer warned you that dark paint colors will make your room feel too small, and yet you just love the idea of deep mahogany, full-length mirrors along the walls will balance the rich tones by giving the illusion of a much larger room.



Get excited about your bathroom remodeling this year! Contact Precision Glass, and let us help you with the transformation process. Better yet, come into our showroom and check out all of our beautiful shower door options!