Tips for Stocking Your Guest Bathroom

holiday bathroom

Here come the holidays, and here comes the question, “Where’s your restroom?” This joyful time of year can easily become stressful with endless last-minute errands, family and friends coming and going –  and don’t forget, stocking your guest bathroom. If you’re planning on having guests over for the holidays, you want your house to be inviting while being fully prepared, including the guest bathroom. Keep the spirits high and the joy alive by following these tips for a fully-stocked, comfortable guest bathroom:

Keep the spirits high and the joy alive by following these tips for a fully-stocked, comfortable guest bathroom:

Stock up on the Basics

The great thing about toiletries is that they have long shelf lives! Before your days get too hectic, take the opportunity to make sure you have everything you need for your guests. Items such as toilet paper, tissue, air freshener (peppermint or apple cinnamon are great for the holidays), shampoo and conditioner, and body wash will keep just fine no matter how early you buy them. Having a small stock of inexpensive toothbrushes with some travel size toothpaste tucked away could be a life saver for anyone who forgets.

Have a Game Plan

Having guests can definitely shake up your routine, during the holidays things can get even hectic. Keep in mind your guests will need plenty of towels and washcloths, as well as a place to hang them up. Figure out the logistics of where everything will go, and how often you will need to do laundry. If you have holiday towels and other decorations, have those clean and on display as well.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Deep clean your bathroom as close as possible to the arrival of your guests. Figure out when it will work best with your schedule, and how much time you will need to touch up the bathroom before they arrive. Tackle all the places bacteria may be hiding, and your bathroom will be fresh and clean for your guests. If you have any questions about products that are safe to use on your Precision Glass doors, be sure to contact us.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Don’t forget, you’re a wonderful host who cares so much about your guests’ comfort. Now that you have a plan, relax and let yourself be swept away in the holiday spirit!

Stocking you guest bathroom for the holidays is easy, purchasing and installing a beautiful shower glass door is not. Click here or call (816) 282-6484 or (913) 954-4664 and get your free quote today.