Simple Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom Say Spaaah

Spa Bathroom PictureWhat if we told you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to add some luxe spa upgrades to your own bathroom? We’re sure that a dozen reasons why you can’t immediately spring to mind…my bathroom’s too (fill in the bank) to ever come close to being spa-like. But even the most hardcore skeptic will turn into a believer after considering these simple spa upgrades for bathrooms.

What makes a spa so appealing is not necessarily that deep soaking tub, Jacuzzi or sauna. It’s the atmosphere that calms and soothes you. The team at Precision Glass has put together this list of items that can change your bathroom environment into your favorite place to get away from it all:

Look to Nature for a New Wall Color

Nature is full of soft greens, grays, blues and browns, and there’s nothing as calming as nature’s colors. Try a dreamy ocean blue, or a soft, Zen-like gray. The idea is to create a serene backdrop and go from there.

Add Dimmers to Your Bathroom Lighting

For a truly relaxing soak or pampering session, there’s nothing like soft, romantic lighting to set the mood. Add a few LED candles for a worry-free, stress-melting bubble bath.

Nix Clutter

Clutter is not relaxing — it’s a distraction. Stash toiletries in vanity drawers or the linen closet, and keep the bathroom as calm and orderly as possible. If you don’t want to search through drawers for everyday items like cotton balls, swabs and mouthwash, get some clear glass jars to keep your storage uniform and help it blend in with the rest of your decor.

The Devil Is in the Details

Or in this case, that heavenly spa-like atmosphere is enhanced by details like heated towel bars, a teak or cedar “bath mat”, a fluffy hotel robe to slip into after your shower, and a good quality bath brush. These are all things that will make you feel like a pampered guest in your own bathroom.

Indulge Your Other Senses

Treat your skin to a warm water massage with a new shower head, and while you’re at it, change out that frumpy shower curtain for a frameless shower door which will instantly make your bathroom — large or small — feel more spa-like and clean.

Put a pretty oil diffuser on top of the vanity and let the moist, steamy air from the shower send a soothing scent through the air. And before you settle in for a bath, or after your shower, sip a glass of your favorite wine while listening to soft classical or new age music through a waterproof Bluetooth speaker — ahhhh.

If you’d like to add a clear or etched, frameless shower door to your new Kansas City spa — er, we mean bathroom, contact us online at Precision Glass Services or give us a call at (816) 781-0087!