Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains

Two photo collage. Left photo features a shower with glass doors. The right photo features a shower with a white curtain.

When planning out your bathroom renovations, deciding between glass shower doors and shower curtains can be a tough decision. Glass shower doors are more cost-effective in the long run, with the added benefits of being polished and convenient to clean; shower curtains are cheaper and can be swapped out for different designs. While shower curtains may seem more low-cost at first glance, in the long term, a sheer glass door is a more efficient option. If you’re currently renovating your bathroom and need help guiding your decision, below are some benefits of glass doors over shower curtains.


Stylish glass doors will make your bathroom look bright and spacious, while a shower curtain often has the opposite effect. Glass doors are an excellent option for a smaller sized room, where a standard curtain would visually clutter it. Most utilize sleek, minimal designs, but you can always have your door customized to meet your specific tastes. Glass doors will also simplify an otherwise busy-looking bathroom, allowing you to have fun with graphic tiles or intricate furniture. 


One of the most convenient aspects of glass shower doors is the fact that they’re so easy to clean. While a shower curtain will possibly accumulate mold after prolonged use, prompting a need to replace it, glass doors only need to be wiped down periodically. Full glass enclosures will also keep water from getting on the bathroom floor, with the added benefit of keeping heat trapped in the shower while using it. 

Cost Efficiency

While a glass shower door may be more expensive than a shower curtain in the beginning, it will save money in the future on replacement shower curtains and it will also add value to your home. Glass shower doors are a popular, sought-after feature for many prospective homeowners. Choosing to add a glass shower to your bathroom not only makes it seem brighter and more spacious, it also increases the value of the bathroom itself.

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