Showing Off Beautiful Tile Work with The Right Doors


When a Parkville couple decided to remodel their 15 year old bathroom, they wanted it to “Wow.”

So, they tore it down to the studs and completely redesigned it.

See what they came up with in place of their traditional bathroom, and how they turned a shower wall into a showcase:

The New Room

Our homeowners started with extending the shower out into the room, to allow for a much larger shower enclosure area. That enclosure was then tiled in beautiful grey, rust, and beige tones, while the horizontal surfaces in the room were topped with a coordinating layer of granite.

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The old bathroom had a small rectangular shower, about the width of the bench seat in the current shower. The new seat is an extension of the granite leading into the shower, and slopes slightly downward into the shower to facilitate water runoff.

When you have a shower enclosure this outstanding, the last thing you want to do is hide it behind opaque shower doors, thick door frames, or even worse – a shower curtain! That’s where Precision Glass’ glass shower doors really shine.

Choosing the Right Glass Door

Fullsize-Parkville-RemodelThe homeowners chose 3/8” thick, clear, heavy glass for their enclosure. Because this glass is much thicker, it doesn’t wiggle or flex, so it doesn’t require the framework around it to support it. The only hardware heavy glass shower doors like these require are a few channels, clips, and handles. This couple chose brushed nickel hardware to blend with the earthy tones. The result is a sleeker, more upscale look.

This particular custom design entailed three 90-degree angles (two outside angles and one inside angle) which made it a little more unique and slightly more challenging to design.

When we installed this shower, all we had to do was set the glass on top of the tile or granite, notch out a small section in the granite to incorporate the bench seat, secure it, and seal it with mildew resistant clear silicone. The entire installation only took three hours.

Now, the shower enclosure with its stunning tile work is the focal point of the room.

If you want to update the look of your bathroom, visit the Precision Glass shower door gallery online and you will realize the possibilities are endless. Remember, if you don’t see the exact shower enclosure you want, we can custom design anything. Your imagination is the only limit!