Shower Curtain vs Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower door installation Precision Glass

While shower curtains are common in many bathrooms with bathtubs, homeowners know that they are not the best at keeping floors dry. No matter how tight you push the curtain toward the wall, it will never be able to truly make a seal that will keep the water from the shower inside the tub. Then there’s the occasional guest who isn’t familiar with shower curtain etiquette who forgets to make sure the liner is INSIDE the tub and the floor becomes a shallow lake. And if you have children, you know the splashing is inevitable. Sadly, the shower curtain, as lovely as it is, just doesn’t do a good job when it comes to keeping the water in the tub/shower enclosure. Many floors have been ruined by constant exposure to water over time.

At Precision Glass, we hear this complaint a lot from homeowners. Luckily, we  have a simple solution. We can install glass shower doors in their bathroom that keep the water where it should be – inside the tub/shower enclosure. Once installed, homeowners find that there are other advantages to adding glass shower doors to their tub that they never even thought about.

If you’re tired of cleaning up water from your floor, consider these other benefits of adding glass shower doors:

  • Cleaning – glass shower doors are much easier to keep clean than shower curtains. Because the door is rigid, you can easily wipe it down with a squeegee or spray it with a glass cleaner. Curtain liners are almost impossible to wipe down. The only option is to remove them, spread them on the floor and clean them by hand, or possibly throw them in the washing machine. But the results aren’t usually too good either way.
  • Modern Look – glass shower doors add a sleeker, more modern look to your bathroom. At Precision Glass, we have many varieties of shower doors to choose from. You can choose the classic framed shower doors or, our heavy glass shower doors allow you to have a completely frameless glass shower door. Because frameless glass shower doors use thicker glass, they don’t require as much hardware – just a channel, a few clips and a handle. They and have a more upscale look and really show off the glass. You can also choose from sliding doors that slide open or pivoting doors that swing open. Whatever style you prefer, we can install it.
  • Perception – glass shower doors will make your bathroom seem larger. Instead of a solid curtain that stops the eye, glass doors extend the room visually making it seem larger.
  • Lighting – glass doors mean no more dimly lit showers. Shower curtains block the light, but glass shower doors allow the light to shine through for a brighter, more pleasant shower experience.
  • Tilework – if you have beautiful tile work in your tub/shower enclosure, the last thing you want to do is hide it with a shower curtain. Glass shower doors show off beautiful shower enclosures.

If you’re considering adding glass shower doors to your bathroom, call Precision Glass for a free shower door installation estimate. Never worry about water on your bathroom floor again. Call us at 816-781-0087 or 913-601-6606.