Preventing Bird-Window Collisions

As experts in the window and glass field, we at Precision Glass Services want to make you aware of an issue that many home and business owners aren’t nearly up to speed on: Window collisions. Did you know that, per a 2014 study, about 1 billion birds die in the United States alone every year due to colliding with windows?

Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent these kinds of collisions and their related expenses, especially if you’re a bigger business with lots of windows and this happens often. Let’s go over some basic tips, from window installation to other areas.

Identify the Problem

Examine which windows in a building might present danger, and analyze why. In many cases these are large windows, or multiple windows next to each other. Check for clear reflection of the sky or trees – if you can see this, birds likely see the same thing as they fly. These kinds of windows are some of the most common in terms of bird collisions. Also check if there are any other items near windows that may attract birds, inadvertently causing collisions as birds fly toward something else they thought they saw.

Mark Windows

There are various ways to mark windows or otherwise label them to prevent birds from flying into them. A few suggestions:

Make patterns, either vertical or horizontal, across the window. Make different grid patterns so birds recognize that these are solid surfaces.

Use materials like decals, stickers and others. Use specialized tapes on outdoor surfaces – translucent tapes that are more visible.

If needed, use adhesive sheets that are specially designed to ward off birds. These come in different shapes and patterns that birds will notice.

Use bird savers, also known as Zen curtains. These are ropes that dangle down across the window – they’re easier to install than paints or adhesives.

Normal curtains can often have a similar effect to Zen curtains, as can screens or nettings.

Specialized Windows

If window collision is a major concern, consider installing specialized windows. You can consider windows with built-in designs already installed, or look for a stained or smoked effect. There are also windows specifically designed to deter collisions, including window glass embedded with polyamide threads specifically for bird protection.

For more on protecting your windows from bird collisions, or to find out about our commercial or residential glass services, speak to the pros at Precision Glass Services today.