Preparing Windows for Cold Periods

For home and business owners everywhere, that heat is a concern during any cold period of the year – either winter or just a basic cold stretch. One area that impacts heat far more than many people realize? The windows in your home or business.

At Precision Glass Services, we’re here to help you update your windows to help retain heat and lower that pesky energy bill during the colder times. Here are a few suggestions we can offer from the jump.

Window Frames

Examine all sides and sills on your windows, with an eye out for any missing pieces or deterioration that’s taken place. Dripping or standing water on windows can erode surfaces over time, allowing air to enter the home. If you find any damage, call our professionals to either repair or replace the window.

Storm Shutters

An additional item you can add to your window is a storm shutter, which protects against strong winds and any blowing debris. There are several styles of storm shutters available to fit your needs.

Resealing Windows

Windows come with caulk around their panes to seal off cracks, but this caulk can crack, separate from the lass or simply fall out of the window due to basic wear and tear. Locate areas where this has happened, and apply fresh caulk to create a new seal – this is something you can do on your own very easily, and in a single sitting.

Double Pane

If you do need to replace a window, or even if you’re just looking for upgrades, consider double pane windows or another energy efficient style. These additions can create a huge cost savings on winter energy bills, and often pay for their own cost in this way very quickly.

Blinds and Drapes

Windows aren’t the only items that can be energy efficient – blinds, drapes and other coverings can be as well. These products offer significant insulation, which can be especially helpful if your windows are single-pane glass.

For more on tinkering with windows to keep things warm when the weather is cold, or to find out about custom window or glass installation, speak to the pros at Precision Glass Services today.