Precision Glass Helps Restore Historic Building in Midtown in Kansas City

Kansas City Armour Boulevard Historic District Precision GlassThe 1920’s in Kansas City meant jazz music, prohibition, and neo-classical architecture.  Although jazz music has lost a bit of steam and we have ditched the prohibition laws and flapper dresses, the beauty within the architecture is still around today.  Precision Glass Services recently had the opportunity to help maintain a piece of Kansas City history found in the Armour Boulevard Historic District.

The Armour Boulevard Historic District was founded in the 1890’s and today has over 70 properties.  One of many beautiful properties in the Midtown area is the Windemere Apartment Building.  This building, built in 1922, is on the National Register of Historic Places and was a recent project of ours.

Precision Glass served as the Glazing Contractor for this project and teamed up with General Contractor, Haren & Laughlin Construction to give this Kansas City gem a new entry. Our goal was to sustain the neo-classical look that was created during the 20’s yet still include the high quality solutions that are available to us today.

We chose to use windows with thermally broken aluminum framing.  Thermally broken framing was created to prevent heat flow from the outside to the inside during the warm months and vise-versa during the cold months. The windows are double glazed windows with an insulating barrier between the two panes of glass.  By using these products, we were able to maintain the historic look of the building while still providing the latest in energy efficiency.

This job, because of its history, had unique needs that we were able to meet through our custom glass services.  Putting these services to work also meant helping preserve a piece of KC history, which we were happy to have been a part of.  For more information on our custom glass services check out our website or give us a call at 816-781-0087 or 913-601-6606.