Pet and Child-Proofing Your Windows

Well-installed windows can provide your home with sought-after views, dreamy natural light and improved energy efficiency. But to make sure they don’t do more harm than good, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to child-proof (and even pet-proof) your windows.

Use your locks  

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, locks are your first defense against any window-related accident. Almost all come with locks already installed, so as a parent you are responsible for making sure the locks are in use and working properly. Have windows without locks or ones that aren’t functioning as they should? Do some research, find out what type of locks are best for your windows and reach out to glass professionals in your area to make your home a safer place for children. 

Distance your furniture

Many windows are high enough off the ground that you don’t have to worry about young children reaching them, but climbable furniture gives kids a boost into unsafe territory. Keeping chairs, bookshelves and beds far enough away from windows prevents them from becoming a ladder. Additionally, any objects capable of being thrown through a window (or damaging the glass enough to shatter) should be kept out of reach. 

Don’t trust screens

An open window seems ideal when the weather is nice—and you might think a screen is enough to protect kids and pets alike when they get curious around your windows. Screens are not built to withstand much weight, as their main purpose is to keep pests from crawling or flying inside the house. If you can’t supervise, it’s best to keep windows closed and keep members of your family safe. 

Take the extra step 

Even with the above tips implemented, you might be longing for more stable protection. There’s plenty of products designed for your peace of mind on the market, including: 

  • Window guards: These heavy-duty bar systems can be affixed to multiple types of windows, and many styles are easy to install. Although more common in cities with highrise buildings, they’ve become popular in single-family homes as well. 
  • Window stops: A less permanent solution, these wedge-like products prevent windows from opening past a certain point. They can be easily adjusted based on the size of children or pets in your home. 
  • Shard-proof film: Locked windows can still be broken, leaving shattered glass within dangerous reach of children and animals. Applying a shard-proof film adds a different type of protection that could be worth the small expense. 

As with any safety precaution you take in your home, it’s important to discuss them with your children as they get older to avoid any accidents. If you’re considering replacing or adding new windows to your home, the experts at Precision Glass can help.