The Perfect Touch: Why Choose a Euro-style Shower Door for Your Home

euro-shower style doorYou’ve taken care to style your house’s interior, and yet your bathroom shower is still sporting the same old curtain. It’s time to take your redecoration a step further and consider installing a new shower door. But don’t stop there — the hottest trend when it comes to bathroom design is the Euro-style shower door.

In simple terms, a Euro-shower door is a shower door that is designed without a traditional frame. More often than not, we refer to this style of shower door as a frameless shower door. However, we feel it’s important for anyone shopping around to know that these terms are one and the same, so you know whether you’re comparing apples to oranges.

What Is a Euro Shower Door?

What’s the difference between a Euro-style door and any other shower door? Where the glass in most shower doors you’ve probably seen are trimmed with a metal frame, the Euro-style door de-emphasizes the frame, often foregoing it altogether.

As a result, this style requires thicker glass and the services of a high-quality glass installer. This model of door does tend to be slightly pricier than its framed cousin. For the interior design-minded homeowner, it’s well worth the cost.

Why Choose a Frameless Shower Door?

A Euro-shower door provides an elegant effect to any bathroom, providing guests with a clear view of decorative tile elements or other design features installed in your shower. However, it does more than make your bathroom prettier. This style of shower door is also easier to clean, because it’s one, flat surface. Even mildew is less likely to take hold, as there are fewer crevices for water to seep into.

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Whether you’re searching for the perfect accent to finish off your home’s redesign, or undertaking an epic remodel of your master bathroom, look no further than the Euro-style sliding shower door.

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