Patterned Glass Shower Doors as Alternative to Clear Glass

Patterned Glass Shower Door with Wave Pattern

It seems like the trend today in shower doors is clear. And, we understand why. There are many advantages to clear shower doors. They are sleek, make your bathroom appear larger, and show off beautiful tilework in your shower. What they don’t do is provide any privacy. Here we will show you how frosted and patterned glass shower doors are a great alternative to clear glass.

Patterned Glass is a Great Option for Privacy Glass

Waterfall textured glass for shower door

Showering in a clear glass shower enclosure can make you feel like you’re on display. It can be a little unsettling for the more modest among us.

A patterned glass shower door is a great alternative to a clear glass shower and is more opaque than a frosted shower door.

If the only vanity you’ll find in your bathroom is the one with a sink in it, you might be more comfortable with a less revealing shower door.

Don’t worry. At Precision Glass, we offer a variety of glass for shower doors. You can choose from frosted, textured, and even colored glass to enhance your privacy.

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Choose Shower Doors with Beautiful Textures and Colors

Large Bathroom With Textured Pattern Shower Glass

If you prefer a little seclusion with your shower, you can choose a patterned glass shower that is colored that will obscure the view into the shower.

Shower Door Color Options

From green to blue to smoky grey, the color you choose for your shower door glass will provide you with the level of privacy you desire. Check out these color options for your next shower door.

Textured Glass Shower Door Options

Textured glass is a great way to keep your shower secluded without changing the color of your glass. We offer a wide variety of patterns that are not only functional but beautiful too. Choose from textures like Glacier, Bamboo, and Rain just to name a few.

If you’d like your shower to provide a bit more seclusion, come to Precision Glass. We can custom design any shower doors to fit your needs.

Let us know what kind of glass you want and we’ll make it happen! Give us a call at (816) 781-0087 or contact us online.