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6 Amazing Frames Repurposed into Incredible Bathroom Mirrors

Let’s say you found a frame you love and you just don’t know what to do with it. Maybe it was your great grandmother’s. Perhaps you found it on an antiquing trip and fell in love with it. We can take it from aged to awesome and create a one-of-a-kind mirror for your bathroom. Just [ Read More.. ]

Patterned Glass Shower Doors as Alternative to Clear Glass

It seems like the trend today in shower doors is clear. And, we understand why. There are many advantages to clear shower doors. They are sleek, make your bathroom appear larger, and show off beautiful tilework in your shower. What they don’t do is provide any privacy. Here we will show you how frosted and [ Read More.. ]

6 Reasons Why Frameless Glass Shower Doors Are the Only Way to Go

Bathrooms have long transitioned from addressing daily needs such as bathing, to being an oasis of calm and luxury. Today, next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most treasured room in a house and an essential component of the home’s personality. Contemporary home décor seeks to include elements that are sleek, simple, and sophisticated, [ Read More.. ]

The One Upgrade You Must Include in Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, there’s one upgrade you simply must include – heavy glass shower doors. Framed shower doors look old-fashioned and outdated, like something that might have been in your first one-bedroom apartment. It was a nice place, comfortable, but nothing like the wonderful house or condo you live in now. If you [ Read More.. ]

4 Bathroom Vanity Ideas So Cool They’ll Have You Skipping to the Loo!

If you thought your bathroom vanity had to be a boring cabinet, think again! Take a look at these unexpected bathroom vanity creations for some serious inspiration. We found these on Pinterest and were so awestruck we just had to share! 1. Galvanized Tubs Add Country Charm     How fun are these galvanized tubs [ Read More.. ]

Updating Your Shower? Read This to Avoid Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Syndrome!

It’s finally time to update your tired old tub/shower combo and end the moldy shower curtain liner battle once and for all. Whether you’ve already got an idea of what you want or you haven’t a clue what you want in terms of a new shower, we strongly recommend that you read this before deciding [ Read More.. ]

3 Genius Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve been dying to get your DIY hands on your bathroom but are afraid of the impending expense, check out these 3 genius ways to save money on a bathroom remodel: 1. Repaint Rather Than Replace Replacing cabinets can cause a hefty expense! But why replace when you can make your cabinets look like [ Read More.. ]

3 Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Unfortunately, bathrooms aren’t always the most spacious rooms in the home. So what can you do to make your bathroom seem bigger? Lucky for you, Precision Glass has a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to making the most of your bathroom space. Here [ Read More.. ]

Want to Turn Your Bathroom into a Mediterranean Inspired Spa?

The Mediterranean look is a trend infiltrating home decor in 2017, especially in the bathroom. Today’s bathrooms are becoming much more than utilitarian nooks to take care of business. They have become an essential room in the home to relax, unwind, and recharge. Thus, the Mediterranean theme with its calming colors, European elegance and touch [ Read More.. ]

Bathroom Design: 2017 Bathroom & Shower Trends

There’s one room in every home that gets used as much as any other, yet is often treated with less honor than it deserves, but this is changing. Welcome to the modern bathroom! A place where beautiful and unique design is no longer neglected. This year, more than any other, remodelers are prepping for transformations [ Read More.. ]