Which Kind of Shower Organizer Is Right for You?

shower organizer permanent removableWhen you’re looking to organize your bathroom or even just the shower, the options can be a bit overwhelming. There are a million little decisions to make when it comes to shower organizers: hanging or standing, large or small, metal or wood or even plastic…the list goes on and on.

Possibly, the most crucial decision of all these options, especially if you’re in the process of remodeling your shower, is whether you would prefer a removable or permanent solution. That’s why the pros at Precision have put together this list to highlight some of the positive and negative features of both removable and permanent shower organizers.

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Reasons to Go for a Removable Organizer

  1. Generally, there are more color & design choices available in removable organizers than permanent.
  2. If space is especially limited in your shower, you have options available such as organizers that hang over the shower head, on side of the tub, and even ones that fit neatly into the corners of your shower.
  3. Installation of a removable organizer is usually easy and straightforward.
  4. Not a long-term commitment. If you don’t like the first organizer you choose, it’s easy to swap out that organizer for another.

Common Issues with Removable Options

  1. Free-standing organizers can easily be bumped into and knocked over.
  2. Because, as we’ve mentioned before, showers are not one size fits all, finding the perfect fit can be challenging in some cases.
  3. Caddies designed to hang over the shower head can put extra strain on the pipe and result in problems.

The Case for Permanent Organizers

  1. These permanent fixtures are generally made of high-quality materials that will last longer than removable options.
  2. When purchased from a reputable source, most permanent options come with a warranty.
  3. This kind of organizer is permanently secured to the tub or shower, so you don’t have to worry about suction cups, tension rods, or hanging hardware failing.
  4. Most are designed to attach to a 90-degree corner or the flat section of the tub or shower wall, so measurements and proper fit are easier to achieve.

Permanent Organizer Frustrations

  1. They are permanent, which means they will need to be installed on your shower wall, and removal will cause damage.
  2. The process of installing permanent organizers requires a fair amount of tools, time, and professional knowledge.
  3. Options on the market are somewhat limited, compared to removable organizers.

You have plenty of options when it comes to how you organize your shower. While each removable and permanent organizers have their charms and their faults, there is a great solution out there for your shower.

Even after you’ve chosen the perfect organizer, your shower isn’t finished! Call Precision Glass for the perfect, custom shower door at (816) 781-0087.