Important Factors in Shower Door Choice

When it comes to glass shower doors in today’s day and age, there are numerous options out there. You have a wide variety of options for everything from door opening style to glass type, with a similarly wide variety of cost options included here as well.

At Precision Glass Services, we can help you with everything from your search to glass shower door installation. Let’s go over a couple important factors that should go into your search for the perfect shower door.

Framed or Frameless?

Most shower doors come in either framed or frameless options. Framed shower doors come with aluminum or some other composite material, which frames the glass panel. Framed glass doors only open inward, so make sure you consider this as part of your design. Most framed options come with a track that collects water, and these will need regular cleaning. Framed doors are easy to install anywhere due to seals, sweeps and magnetic hardware found around their doors.

Frameless shower doors, on the other hand, come with heavy-duty glass supported by pivots. These days, most homeowners go with frameless options – they have lots of designs to choose from, and offer a bit more in terms of customization options. They can open both inward and outward, and are easier to clean and maintain than framed doors. Many people also feel they provide a more modern aesthetic.

Glass Types

There are a few glass types available to you:

Clear: Traditional shower doors use clear glass, which is easy to maintain and allows a full range of light to pass through.

Frosted: For those who desire privacy, frosted glass is a great option. This has a soft, satin-like appearance that only allows soft light to pass. One side will have an etched pattern while the other will be smooth.

Cast: Our cast glass doors are three-dimensional, with unique designs for every door that will make your shower the focal point of the bathroom.

For more on glass shower doors, or to find out about installation, speak to the pros at Precision Glass Services today.