The Most Important Element in Any Bathroom Remodel

frameless-featureIf you’re remodeling your bathroom, frameless shower doors are the only way to go.

A couple of decades ago, frameless doors weren’t an option. The industry used only thinner glass which had to have a frame around it for support.

My, how things have changed!

Heavy glass was invented and the possibilities today with heavy glass shower doors are not only visually stunning, but the options are almost limitless.

Frameless Shower Doors Update Any Bathroom

Because heavy glass is thicker and stronger than traditional glass, shower doors no longer require frames. In fact, framed doors are starting to look outdated and out of style. Anyone who is remodeling their bathroom is doing themselves an injustice by replacing their old framed doors with new framed doors.

If framed doors look old now in bathrooms, imagine how outdated it will look when you go to resell your home! In fact, if you were only wanting to update your bathroom by changing a couple of things, we’d suggest (in this order):

  • Invest in a frameless shower door(s)
  • Add a new countertop
  • Update the lighting and fixtures

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Heavy Glass Makes Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Changing your shower doors to heavy glass frameless doors will make the biggest impact of any updating you do, mainly because they are so visually commanding. This becomes truer the smaller your bathroom is.

Think about it. Shower doors go from floor to almost ceiling (unless you have taller than average ceilings, which most smaller bathrooms don’t). That’s a lot of visual real estate.

Frameless doors not only look prettier, but without all the framework and hardware surrounding them, they open the room up and allow visitors to see all the way to the back wall, instead of stopping their glance at the shower door. Additionally, these doors let more light into the room, making it seem more spacious and open.

Shower Doors Are the Focal Point of Your Bathroom

Unless you have an unusually large bathroom, your shower doors are a focal point. Why not make that focal point breathtaking? You can with the heavy glass shower doors available today.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we thought we’d rather show than tell. Here are just a couple of the shower doors available. If you’d like to see more, come to our shower door showroom and see dozens more in person.

glass-shower-door-frameless frameless-glass-door

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, visit our showroom and talk to one of our shower door glass installers about your bathroom. For 25 years, we’ve been making Kansas City bathrooms beautiful. Call Precision Glass at (816) 781-0087.