How One Tool Can Shave an Hour off Your Shower Cleaning Routine

How One Tool Can Shave an Hour off Your Shower Cleaning RoutineWhen it comes to keeping our homes clean and sparkling, preventing buildup is often the easiest route. The shower is no exception. In order to avoid hours of scrubbing to restore your once sparkling shower door to its former glory, give the squeegee a shot.

Precision Glass breaks down three of the top roadblocks to a clean shower, and how you can take an hour off your shower cleaning routine:

Hard Water

Calcium (also known as lime) and magnesium particles are sprayed on your shower doors and walls with every shower. If hard water is left on those surfaces and allowed to evaporate, these minerals will be left behind as opaque deposits all over your formerly shining glass and tile.

Soap Scum

Part of the fun of scrubbing up is the wonderfully bubbly lather that makes you feel squeaky clean. Add in a streaming shower head and plenty of splashing, and that lather gets sprayed all over your shower surfaces. Unfortunately, soap scum loves to stick to hard water deposits.

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Just the word is enough to cause shudders, and for good reason. It may often be pink, but it is not pretty. The wet environment of a shower creates a perfect environment for Serratia marcescens and other microorganisms to thrive and reproduce.

These shower scoundrels result in a scummy, mineralized nightmare to deal with if you want your shower to sparkle again.

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Save an Hour

On top of being an easier and more environmentally friendly way to clean your shower, your squeegee habit will also save you time! A quick swipe of a squeegee after every shower means most of the water goes right down the drain, so your glass and tile will dry faster and the humidity of the shower will be much lower.

Microorganisms will fail to thrive, minerals won’t stand a chance of depositing on your walls, and soap scum will have nothing to stick to. Your glass doors will shine like a windshield after a car wash! Routine shower cleaning will be a snap, because there won’t be much to deal with. Not to mention, your shower will always look great, not just on cleaning day. Instead of spending your time scrubbing your shower every month to get rid of unsightly buildup, use your squeegee every day!

If your shower glass door problems are bigger than a squeegee can solve, give Precision Glass a call at (816) 781-0087. From replacing an old shower door, to helping you select the perfect style of glass, we’re happy to help you create the shower you’ve always wanted.