Home Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether it’s custom glass or a more standard material, cleaning windows at home can sometimes be more of a challenge than you may have anticipated. Some homeowners even find they do more harm than good when they try to clean their own windows.

At Precision Glass Services, we’re here to help. Our residential glass experts can also help set you straight on some of the kinds of things you might be doing wrong when performing DIY window cleanings between professional treatments. Here are some areas to consider.

Wrong Materials

There are five simple tools you need for a window cleaning: A bucket, a sponge or mop, a scraper, a squeegee and a microfiber cloth. You mix your cleaning solution in the bucket, then use the sponge or mop to lather the windows. Once you’ve rinsed them, run the squeegee along them to get rid of any extra water. To finish up, polish the window with the microfiber cloth.

Never, ever dry your glass with newspaper – newspapers can contain harsh chemicals that can damage the windows, and ink can also rub off onto glass. Also avoiding using any rough or abrasive surfaces, which can scratch glass permanently.

Wrong Cleaning Solution

Some chemical cleaners may be too harsh for your windows, and may attract dust. Even ordinary tap water may contain hard minerals that leave behind streaky deposits.

Wrong Cloth

Some of the most common window cleaning mistakes are during the drying process, particularly using the wrong cloth. Regular cloth instead of microfiber can leave fibers everywhere, ruining the cleaning job.

Scraping Too Hard

If soapy water doesn’t get rid of harder dirt, a scraper might do so. But using a scraper takes some skill, and you can go too heavy and scratch the glass. If you’re worried about this, save the scraper for professionals.

Temperature Considerations

Finally, try to avoid cleaning windows on a hot, sunny day. Too much sunshine will dry the window too quickly as you move from section to section, leaving streaks and marks that set in before you’re able to rinse. It’s recommended that windows be washed on a cloudy day if possible.

For more on avoiding common window cleaning mistakes, or to find out about window installation or any of our residential glass services, speak to the pros at Precision Glass Services today.