Glass Shower Doors 101

When you’re thinking about a bathroom remodeling project, Glass Shower Doors 101 starts with understanding that the master bathroom should be your oasis. A relaxing retreat that serves as a spa-like sanctuary where you can pull yourself together each morning or unwind after a long day. But not every home offers a stunning and sensational shower space to escape to. With the shower being the focal point of the bathroom, Precision Glass can help transform any shower into a functional, yet stunning oasis.

How? Alright, we’ll come clean. We’ve been sourcing and installing shower doors for decades. We’re in the know on the latest shower door trends. Most importantly, we genuinely love what we do. It’s really as simple as that. 

Maybe you’re ready to remodel your outdated guest bathroom so you’re looking for shower door inspiration. Or, perhaps you need a glass shower door replacement for your master bathroom. From framed and frameless options to glass thickness and color, let us shower you with some popular door styles and glass types.

Barn Shower Door

Equally stylish and functional, the barn door is huge right now. New construction homes are offering these doors as upgrades or included features, while existing homeowners can purchase kits to add this trendy door to their home. 

An innovative and modern design, there’s no doubt as to why we have customers asking for barn style glass shower doors. This style functions similar to glass sliding shower doors, but features different hardware. Popular in bathrooms where there isn’t enough room for a swinging shower door, we can install single- or duo-slide glass barn shower doors.

Double Shower Door

The double shower door is ideal for larger bathrooms that have space for two swinging doors. Both opening from the center—just like French doors—this option provides a look of openness and grandeur. Aside from these doors being easy on the eyes, it’s also ADA compliant, serving as an option for those who might need assistance getting in and out of the shower. Plus, you can go frame or frameless with this option.

Glass Options

After we’ve helped you select the shower door configuration that fits the space and functionality of your bathroom, be choosey with the glass. Good news: We’ve showered you with plenty of color and texture options.


Let’s be clear about one thing: We have a variety when it comes to glass color. When you’re looking for a windswept aura, stick with our Solexia color. If you prefer a relaxing hue of the Caribbean Sea, Azuria is a good choice. Smoke, a deeper color, adds drama and a touch of privacy. If you want timeless appeal, go with the fan favorite and glass door standard—clear. 

Frosted and Patterned 

Adding a little bit of personality to your spa-like oasis is simple with our patterned glass. These options add the right amount obscurity and style. While patterned glass is going to cost slightly more than non-patterned glass, there’s no doubt it will create a statement. Stick with a more subtle option, like our ever-popular Rain or be bold with Everglade or Bamboo.

Designed for more privacy, frosted shower doors have remained a favorite of many customers. But, if you want to showcase trendy or custom shower tiles, stick to a clear glass enclosure, as frosted glass removes practically any visibility. Going this route can also make a room feel smaller, as it closes off a large portion of the bathroom—the shower.

Cast Glass

Ultra Premium Cast Glass options are the clear choice for the best of the best in glass shower doors. How is cast glass different than patterned glass? Patterned or textured glass features the texture on each side, leaving the interior glass untouched. Cast glass doors bring that texture throughout the glass, embodying a three-dimensional appearance and the unique designs throughout.
At Precision Glass, we’re your one-stop shop for any residential glass services you might need. Aside from glass shower doors, we’ll also handle glass door installation, repair, and replacement services for a variety of glass needs. Take a look at our framed and frameless shower door options to draw inspiration and get it touch with us today!