Get Your Windows Ready for Summer

Temperatures are heating up in Kansas City and most families’ air conditioners are working overtime with more hours at home and fewer pools to cool off this Summer. 

Before you crank down the dial, do yourself — and your wallet — a favor by making sure you aren’t wasting any of that precious cool air with these quick Summer maintenance tips from Precision Glass

#1 Check the Seals

The first step is to check your caulking and weather stripping at the start of each season to gauge the integrity of your windows. 

Caulk serves as a barrier between your windows and siding to fill small gaps and prevent air from sneaking in and creating more work for your HVAC system. Weather-stripping fills the space between the window sash and pane to keep rainwater out and create a stronger barrier for your home. If either element is dry, cracking or missing, consider this for your next day of home projects. 

#2 Handle the Hardware

Your windows fill many roles from safety and security to comfortability throughout the life of your home. However, they can only fulfill these duties if they are fully functioning. 

Take time to tour your home and check each window to ensure it opens easily, closes completely and does not stick or catch during the process. Everyone in the family should know how to open each window and screen in the came of an emergency.

#3 Scrub the Interior and Exterior

Not only will cleaning your windows make the other steps easier, but it will also extend their lives. Sand, dirt, mineral residue and other debris can damage the glass leaving a cloudy or uneven look over time. This may require removing the screens to get completely clean, so consider hiring a professional service for your own safety if you need to tend to upstairs windows. 

We suggest using a mixture of soap, water and traditional window cleaner to remove grit and leave a streakless shine. Make sure to remove all cleaner from the windows and properly dry the sills to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

#4 Add Energy-Efficient Accessories

Curtains and draperies are often seen as more of a decor decision, but they can help reduce your bills by blocking unwanted sunlight to keep your home cooler. UV film is another option to reduce interior heating — especially in direct sunlight — and protect your belongings from the sun’s damaging effects over time. 

If you have questions about the windows in your home or think it’s time to make a change, stop by our showroom to see what we can do for your home. Or contact us at (816) 781-0087 to request a quote on our website.