Finding replacement glass for your home and office

Coffee tables, wine racks and other glass-top furniture make for classic, eye-catching features in homes and offices. But what happens when the glass is chipped, scratched or broken? 

Precision Glass Services of Kansas City has compiled a quick guide for finding replacement glass for your home and office whether we originally installed it or not.

The Three Main Factors

The first consideration is the type of glass. Tempered glass is the preferred choice for most household use because it is tougher than standard glass and it does not shatter into large shards when broken. That is especially important around children and pets in a living room to minimize injuries in the event of an errant elbow through a table. Or, in a less dramatic fashion, a patio table that might get rough treatment through the seasons. 

Then, the discussion turns to thickness. This is probably the most complex of the choices and each project will land within a suggested range for best practice. For example, a tabletop that is used as a protective cover over another surface like a conference table usually measures between 3/16 and 1/4 inches. Patio tables use this general range as well. If a tabletop is unsupported by its frame, we opt for a slightly thicker selection ranging from 3/8 to 1/2 inches for increased stability. That means the trendy new coffee table or trusty antique that balances on the central pedestal.

Finally, it is time to talk about edges. The standard is a seamed edge that is squared off and sanded to remove burrs. However, this is not recommended for glass tabletops. A ground flat edge is suggested instead which will lay more naturally with the table and appear more polished. Precision Glass can also create a rounded or beveled edge to fit with surrounding decor for a cohesive, finished look in your home or office.

Preparing For Your Call

Before reaching out to Precision Glass Services it may be helpful to have dimensions of your existing glass or furniture needing the replacement. This gives our design staff a starting point for calculations and suggestions. 

From there, we will work with you to walk through the decisions above to find the perfect piece of replacement glass that fits your vision and budget. We can even drill for holes or prepare the glass for other specific needs as well. Whether you are looking for a fix or an upgrade to your current decor, Precision Glass Services has nearly 30 years of experience helping Kansas City find residential glass. Take the first step and Contact us at (816) 781-0087 or request a quote on our website.