DIY Bathroom Remodel: Transform Your Bathroom on a Budget

Side-by-side images of a person painting a door white on the left and a bathroom sink faucet running on the right.

The time has come for a bathroom remodel. You are tired of looking at the dingy floor tiles from the 90s and the harsh fluorescent lighting. As much as this bathroom needs to be refreshed, you have a limited budget. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank, check out these DIY tips!

Floor Tile

This is the basis of your bathroom and sets the tone for the rest of the design. These days, you do not need to be a tile expert in order to install a new floor. Laminate options have come a long way, and there are plenty of affordable and stylish options that will instantly make your bathroom better. Laminate flooring is also much easier and quicker to install than tile flooring. You will save time on cleaning since this choice of flooring is low maintenance.


Changing the lighting in your bathroom is a quick and simple way to update the look and feel. Often times, older bathrooms have harsh fluorescent lighting that showcases all of its flaws. Switching to a more modern, over-the-mirror fixture can create a nuance that greatly improves the feel of the bathroom.


Updating your faucet, towel and toilet paper holders, shower head, cabinet handles, and door handle can create a cohesive appearance. Going from gold to polished nickel or oil rubbed bronze can instantly modernize your bathroom.


Sometimes all you need is a little paint to transform a space. Painting the walls and trim in your bathroom can make all the difference. It is recommended to get a satin finish as this is easiest to clean and is the most durable option.

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