DIY Bathroom Remodel Do’s and Don’ts

DIY_paintingBathrooms and kitchens are some of the most common, and expensive, rooms homeowners remodel. To cut down on costs, many people decide to do the project themselves, rather than hire a designer or contractor. Every project is different, but there are some remodeling rules that don’t change, and DIY remodelers often don’t know them. To help you avoid disaster, Precision Glass put together a list of do’s and don’ts for the DIY bathroom remodeler!

Do Budget for Surprises

If you’ve ever completed a big home project before, you probably remember at least one significant cost you weren’t prepared for. Homeowners tend to stretch their budget to get the most out of a remodeling project, which means there’s not a lot left over for unexpected problems. However, almost every remodeling project will take an unexpected turn because you can’t tell what you’re working with until you start. Make sure you have money allocated for extra problems that might (and probably will) pop up.

Don’t Cut Corners

On rare occasions, you’ll find great materials on sale or marked down for closeout. More often than not, that tile, shower door, or vanity is cheap for a reason. Skimping on the materials you use might lower the cost of your remodel now, but it’ll hurt you in the long run. When your flooring doesn’t hold up or water leaks because you chose the cheap but low quality products, you can expect hefty bills for repair and replacement. You’ll be better off researching and selecting products that fit into your budget but also perform to your standards.

Not sure where to start when researching showers? We’ve got the terms and trends you need, on our Shower Doors page.

Do Call for Professional Installations

There are a lot of fixes you can do on your own, like painting, tiling, or hanging shelves. Electrical wiring, water lines, and installing expensive equipment, however, should really be handled by the professionals. It might seem like common sense not to do your own electrical wiring, but don’t forget there are other dangerous features in a bathroom. As shower door experts, we at Precision Glass can attest to the fact that an improperly installed shower door can be very dangerous. Shattering glass and falling frames are nothing to take lightly – so make sure you’ve got an experienced installer.

Don’t Order without Measurements

Most DIYers are familiar with the saying, “measure twice, cut once,” so our final tip should come as no surprise. As tempting as it may be to order pre-made pieces for your bathroom, some details are too important to gloss over. Just check out these 3 Reasons Not to Shop the Big Box Store – where we mentioned that shower doors are never one size fits all. A good shower door needs to be measured – and measured by someone who knows what to look for. An inch or less of difference between the measurements you take at home and what a manufacturer puts together means a huge mess for you at the end of your project. We suggest getting a custom shower door, one you know will fit because it was designed with the measurements of your bathroom in mind.

If you’re ready to remodel, or just wondering about what’s out there, come visit our showroom. We’ll show you just how great your shower could look. Drop by, or give us a call at (816) 781-0087 for more information!