What Does Custom Mean When It Comes to Shower Doors?

custom-showerIt’s not every day that you buy a shower door. There a lot of terms that can be confusing for the first-time buyer; there are so many configurations, glass treatments, and pieces to consider. If you’re looking for a glass shower door for your home, the best way to get the perfect look you’re going for is to order a custom door for your space. But what does ‘custom’ really entail? Precision Glass has the answer:

Custom Dimensions

When you’re dealing with water, ‘close enough’ is never close enough. If measurements are inexact or don’t take details into account, your new shower door simply won’t fit. A shower door that doesn’t fit perfectly will, at the very least, pose water damage as water from your shower leaks – at the worst, your shower door could become a dangerous feature in your home. When we make a custom shower door, you know it will fit your shower perfectly. We take the time to come out and take our own measurements. That way, you know for certain that the shower door will fit your bathroom like a glove.

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Hand Cut Glass

custom-cutWhat good are perfect measurements if you’re stuck with predetermined glass sizes? The team at Precision Glass personally hand cuts each piece of glass to the exact measurements taken at your home. We can design spaces in the glass for handles or other fixtures that need to be considered. No matter the shape or size, we can craft a shower door to fit from our workshop.

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If you’re looking for a perfect fitting shower door, call Precision Glass at (816) 781-0087. We can create and deliver your shower doors in as little as 10 business days!