Cleaning Tips for Glass Shower Doors

If you’ve had one of our premium glass shower doors installed by the technicians at Precision Glass Services, now it’s time to keep your door cleaned and maintained. The right basic upkeep measures taken by the homeowner will get the maximum life and aesthetics out of any of our commercial glass services, and regularity with which the shower is used makes this area especially important.

By the same token, the wrong methods when cleaning a glass shower door can lead to etching, clouding and occasionally even permanent damage to the door. Here are some basic tips for cleaning devices, solutions and methods.


A squeegee, or a windshield-wiper-like tool with a handle and a long, flat rubber blade, is used to clean or remove things from a variety of different surfaces. Some may have suction cups to attach to walls for easy storage.

The squeegee is the simplest, most straightforward cleaning tool for the shower door. It allows you to quickly remove things like hard water stains, mineral buildup and mildew, all without risking actual physical contact with those items. It’s a great first line of defense against etching.

Microfiber Cloths

For many people, microfiber cloths are preferable to the squeegee. They’re perfect for weather spotting and any buildup on the door, and they’re superior to squeegees in their ability to reach tough areas. Just be sure to wring cloths out tightly and launder them at least once a week.

Daily Shower Cleaners

Once you’ve used either a squeegee or cloth to wipe down the door, finishing the job involves a basic daily shower cleaner. Examples include Method Daily or Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner. A very brief, painless misting of one of these daily cleaners will significantly limit the amount of deep cleaning you’re forced to do.

Scum and Deep Cleaning

For any scum or other buildups that survive your daily cleanings, a deep cleaning every couple months is recommended. You can use things like a Magic Eraser sponge or repurposed dryer sheets, though take the proper chemical precautions here no matter what.

Want to learn more about how to clean and protect your shower door, or interested in any of our commercial glass services? Speak to our pros at Precision Glass Services today to schedule a glass installation.