Choosing the right texture and thickness of shower doors

Frosted and textured glass shower doors can go a long way in adding privacy and style to a bathroom. But how do you choose the right one for your home?

Precision Glass Services has installed glass shower doors for more than 25 years in the Kansas City area and has several options ranging from simple textures to bolder patterns. We will explore three main categories of shower doors below as well as a few pros and cons of each selection. 

Clear Glass

A clear glass shower door is the classic option and it was likely the one included in your new home. It is not flashy and that gives it a sort of timeless appeal. 

By that, we mean that clear glass makes it easy to add other custom features in your bathroom like a decorative wall on the back of the shower without standing out or in the way. It also allows for ample light which can make the room appear larger. 

As a con, a clear glass door will not offer much privacy even with eventual condensation buildup in the course of a shower.

Frosted Glass 

With frosted glass, you give up some of the light and flexibility in decor but gain significant privacy. The slight texture also helps to hide water spots and sudsy streaks allowing more time between cleanings. Next to clear glass, frosted glass is one of the thinnest configurations available in 5/32” or 3/16” which gives you more flexibility in framing options to customize the room.

It is a popular option for high-traffic spaces like secondary bathrooms between kids’ rooms that may need to serve more than one person at a time. 

Textured Glass

A textured glass shower door can elevate a room and add a personal flare with patterns like rain, glacier, bamboo and everglade. As the names suggest, these styles can also provide a relaxing spa-like experience with added privacy while still allowing light to shine through the clear portions of the design.

The biggest con for textured glass is the possibility of a dated look after a few years. This includes the larger shower configuration where choices are limited by a thicker piece of glass with most textured options starting at a quarter inch.

No matter what you choose, Precision Glass has a solution for you. Our team can even help you decide if you are still on the fence. Request a free quote and start the process now to design the bathroom of your dreams.