Bathroom Tile Trends for 2020

Side by side images. Image on left is a stand alone tub and shower with glass doors. Tile is gray-toned and is used throughout. Image on right is of a shower that used marble shower tile and beige flooring tile.

When remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of decisions to make. While we can help you in finding the best shower doors for your bathroom, determining the look of the bathroom tile is up to you. Here is a look at the bathroom tile trends we’ve noticed recently.

Matte Finishes

Glossy-finish tiles have always been around. However, we have noticed a trend of matte-finish tiles being used throughout the bathroom, whether it is in the shower or for flooring. The matte finish gives the bathroom a sleek and modern look, and it is also easier to maintain. One thing to keep in mind when choosing matte-finish tiles is that there isn’t much reflection of light, so be sure your bathroom is well lit.

 Neutral Colors

Much like there is an ongoing trend of white and gray cabinets in kitchens, this color pallete is carrying over into the bathroom. White and gray tiles are being used for both the shower and flooring. This simple color scheme is quickly becoming the top trend, we have noticed. It creates a minimalistic and elegant feel that is sure to remain classic in the future. 

Dimensional Tile

Tile has evolved from strictly squares and rectangles. More and more, we are seeing differently-shaped tiles that create an extra dimension in bathrooms. Whether you choose hexagonal-shaped tile or arabesque, dimensional tile is sure to make your bathroom unique.

Wooden-Look Tile

Tile that mirrors the look of wood is one of the biggest trends we have seen. This creates the coziest atmosphere of all the trends and gives your bathroom a more rustic look. You can go with the natural looking brown, or you could opt for a cooler gray. Either way, you’ll be sure to get many compliments with this look.

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