Bathroom Hacks: 7 Brilliant Uses for Car Wax in Your Bathroom

Car Wax for Cleaning PicBathrooms are the most universally disliked rooms to have to clean. They’re also one of the most difficult rooms to maintain. It’s a vicious cycle, but thankfully, there are bathroom and shower cleaning hacks to help. One of the best hacks involves using car wax in the bathroom. It’s a bit unconventional, but it works great and can be a huge time saver.

Car wax has a multitude of uses around the house, but here are some of the best applications in the bathroom from your friends at Precision Glass.

Helps Fights Mildew and Shines Bathtubs and Showers

Keeping shower walls and bathtubs clean and free of mineral deposit buildup is one of the biggest challenges in the bathroom. Polishing shower doors and tub walls with a thin layer of car wax will help repel daily grime, which will also help in the prevention of mildew.

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Prevents Bathroom Mirrors from Fogging Up

Apply a thin layer of car wax onto bathroom mirrors and buff it clean after the wax dries. Afterward, your mirrors will be clear and free from fog when you exit the shower.

Keeps Faucets and Fixtures Shiny and Spot-free

Water spots and smudges can cause your fixtures to look dull and dirty. Applying car wax can keep them looking shiny and new between cleanings. Make sure you’re not damaging your fixtures with abrasive cleaners like these.

Offers Protection and Easier Cleaning for Backsplashes

Installing a tile backsplash can be the perfect way to add style and convenience to your bathroom. While it will offer protection to the wall behind the sink, it will also be the area that catches a lot of stray water drops. The use of wax on the tiles will make it much easier to wipe off any spots.

Restores Shine to Dull Countertops

New glossy marble or granite countertops look amazing. When they start to lose their original shine, a quick layer of car wax can help fill in any scratches and keep them from becoming dull.

Helps Drawers that Drag to Open Easier

Drawers in bathrooms are used daily in most homes. Along with frequent use, the constant change in humidity in a bathroom can lead to drawers that don’t open as smoothly as they once did. Adding a small amount of wax to the sliding tracks on a drawer can get it sliding smoothly once again.

Prevents Dust from Clinging to Air Vents and Window Blinds

Removing dust from everything in your house can feel like a never-ending task. Items with multiple holes or pieces, such as window blinds and air vents, can be some of the hardest items to keep dust free. Wax will cause dust and dirt to slide off of surfaces, rather than clinging to them.

When we all have such busy lives, cleaning hacks not only make life easier; they also help keep our homes in the best shape possible. Guests will be amazed at how you keep everything looking so nice and still have time for the more entertaining things in life. A clean bathroom makes you feel more relaxed too – giving you a more spa-like experience.

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