Add a luxurious touch to your home with glass

Since 1991, homeowners and business owners have trusted Precision Glass with various types of glass projects. While we’re most commonly recognized for our framed and frameless glass shower doors, we can also use our skills to add a sense of luxury to your home through the creation of custom glass pieces. Read on to see what types of glass projects we’ve completed and how they can have an impact on your existing or future home. 

Glass Wine Cellars

For a wine connoisseur, there’s nothing quite like having a custom glass-enclosed wine cellar right in your home. Many people will build out their wine storage behind closed doors or in a basement, but why not put your collection on display with a sleek, modern wine cellar? 

Glass-enclosed cellars have been rising in popularity over recent years, as glass doors and walls provide a clean aesthetic that showcases your wine collection with simplicity. It also creates a real focal point or statement piece in whatever room you choose to incorporate it into. Popular places for a glass wine cellar include the kitchen or dining room, under a staircase or in whichever room you spend the most time hosting guests or entertaining. 

Custom Glass Tabletops 

As you decorate or redecorate the interior of your home, you might find yourself searching for that perfect piece to complete a space—and a custom glass tabletop might be the missing component. 

Glass tables can come in just about any shape or size. Fill your dining room with friends and family to celebrate around a long glass table. Show off even more of your favorite rug by putting a glass coffee table over it, instead of a wooden or leather table that will just cover it up. Add a unique, modern twist to your home bar with a glass top. No matter where you incorporate a custom glass tabletop in your home, it’s sure to be your favorite part of the room. 

Mantle, Bar and Framed Mirrors  

Oftentimes, homeowners will turn to elaborate art or hangings to draw visual interest to their walls—but a well-placed mirror can do the trick, as well. Precision Glass can create and mount a beautifully framed mirror above your fireplace mantle, above the counter of your home bar and just about anywhere in your home. 

Some families with spare space in a basement or bedroom request an entire mirrored wall. These mirrored rooms are perfect for your child that’s perfecting their dance routine or for adults that want to check their form during workouts. Mirrored walls can also create the illusion of a bigger room with more space—so if you’re feeling a little claustrophobic in your home office, a mirrored wall can help shift that perspective. 

Trust the experts 

No matter what kind of glass project you’re looking to add to your home, Precision Glass will provide the highest quality product within your desired timeline and budget. Our team prioritizes doing the job right for both residential and commercial customers—and with the ability to create custom glass features, we won’t shy away from doing any type of job. Give us a call at (816) 781-0087 or fill out an online form today to discuss your vision for the next glass project in your home. We can provide guidance and feedback to ensure you’ll be happy with your end result.