5 Myths About Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Choosing to implement a frameless glass shower door into your bathroom design is an exciting decision. It opens you to an array of options for how to decorate and gives an updated, modern feel to the space. 

You may have doubts about the technology, but the Precision Glass Services team put together the following guide to a few myths about frameless glass shower doors.

  1. Glass Doors are Fragile

We are vulnerable in the shower so it makes sense that the first concern would be personal safety. But, when constructing a glass shower enclosure, we use tempered glass which is extremely strong and sturdy. 

In fact, frameless shower doors can be even stronger than framed ones because they are designed without materials that can corrode and break over time. In the event a shower door does fail, the tempered treatment forces the glass to break into tiny pieces to avoid injury. Proper cleaning and maintenance should prevent this from occurring.

  1. Glass Doors are Prone to Leaks

It might be hard to imagine a frameless glass shower door without leaks, but with proper installation, this should not be a problem in your home. The first step we take is to evaluate the space and make lots of measurements to determine the proper height, angles and other design dimensions. This gives us the knowledge to move forward and create a truly custom piece that fits perfectly into your bathroom. 

  1. Glass Doors are Hard To Keep Clean

Part of the appeal of glass shower doors is the crisp and clean look they bring to a bathroom. But what if you are not an avid cleaner? Well, we have good news. 

A quick run with a squeegee makes a huge difference for day-to-day maintenance and only takes seconds after you finish your shower. The frameless design also minimizes the number of places where water can collect, naturally preventing mold and mildew growth.

  1. Frameless Glass Doors are Expensive

The price of your frameless glass shower door will depend on the installation method and other factors in your design, but generally, they are an affordable option with low maintenance costs. However, do not make your decision based on price alone because later repairs can be costly after a subpar installation.

Frameless glass shower doors are also popular in resale which means that investment now may pay dividends in the future.

  1. All Glass is the Same

Another great quality of frameless shower doors is the versatility they provide in your bathroom design. At Precision Glass Services, we offer six color options, five obscurity options, a dozen textured patterns and three-dimensional cast glass. This gives you the ability to customize your space and find the right look and feel for you. 

If you are considering an upgrade to a frameless glass shower door, call (816) 781-0087 or (913) 649-1200 for a free consultation and quote.