5 Must-Have Shower Head Fixtures + FAQs

There’s nothing better after a long day than a hot shower…unless your shower head leaves something to be desired. Old, outdated shower heads aren’t just unsightly, they’re also nowhere near as functional as they should be! At Precision Glass, we know the importance of updating your home, even the small details, in both form and function. Read on to learn about your options for replacing your shower head, and complete with Pinterest inspiration to make your shower the relaxing escape you deserve. 

wall_mounted1. Wall Mounted Shower Head

This is probably what you know as a standard shower head. It attaches to the wall, ideally a little above head height. If you’re looking for easy or budget-friendly options for a new shower head, this is a great type of shower head to consider. New models’ spray and pressure range from pulsing massage to light rain, and offer options such as low flow or aerated heads. Many wall mounted shower heads are easy to switch out without help from a professional.

top_mounted_shower_head2. Top Mounted Shower Head

Very similar to wall mounted shower heads, top mounted, or ceiling mounted shower heads are hung from the ceiling. Top mounted heads are particularly useful in bathrooms with lower ceilings. Recessed fixtures leave plenty of room where a wall mounted shower head would be placed too low.

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hand_held_shower3. Handheld Shower Head

A handheld shower head is exactly as it sounds. The actual shower head attaches to a hose and allows you to move and angle the spray. These are especially handy when cleaning your shower! Many come as a part of a two-in-one – you can have a handheld head, as well as a traditional wall-mount.

sliding_shower_head4. Sliding Bar Shower Head

If you have one shower for people with significantly different heights, this is the solution for you! The height of the shower head can be adjusted by sliding the head up and down along the bar it’s mounted on.

body_shower_precision5. Body Spray Shower Head

Sometimes called spa showers, this shower head is actually a system of shower heads, rather than one shower head. The shower heads are mounted in the wall and spray water anywhere from knee to shoulder height. Usually, these systems use multiple panels of shower heads on opposite or adjacent shower walls. The streams of water cross and create a mist, and many are adjustable to provide a gentle stream or powerful massage.



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Shower Head Upgrade FAQs

Can your plumbing handle the extra heads of a multi-head system?

Not all plumbing pipes are wide enough to provide the required water for a multi-head system. Find out what diameter piping your home has before you start shopping, and ask whether that size will be sufficient for any multi-head system you are considering. If you’re really set on a particular setup, ask a professional what it would take to retrofit appropriate pipes.

How much water will you use?

If you’re switching from a single shower head to a system with multiple heads, don’t be surprised if you start using more water! Check the flow of your current shower head against the total flow of any system you’re considering to get an idea of how much extra water you’ll use per shower. If you’re not excited about the prospect of higher utility bills, you might want to consider another single head system.

What is the water pressure in your home like, and can a new head help?

If your home has low water pressure to start with, you probably don’t want to add a low flow shower head. Instead, look for shower heads that will give you a feeling of greater water pressure. Aerating shower heads are a great option – they mix air into the water stream to cut down on the water used, but still offer a high pressure feel.

How big is this job? Do you need a professional?

Like most home improvement jobs, there are DIY options to upgrading your shower head. Some more complicated shower heads even come as do-it-yourself kits. However, if you’re considering a panel system or a type of shower head that uses significantly more water than your current one, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional.

Bathrooms are essential to every home. Update your fixtures to get the most out of the one room you and your guests are sure to visit every day. If you’re ready to create the custom shower door you’ve always wanted, give Precision Glass a call at (816) 781-0087 for a free consultation. In less than two weeks, your shower could be brighter, more beautiful, and better than ever.