4 Everyday Shower Cleaning Myths: Busted

4 Everyday Shower Cleaning Myths: BustedWhile your bathroom cleaning routine might be set in stone, it’s possible that some of your tried and true techniques belong in the Stone Ages. Precision Glass brings you four cleaning myths that just don’t hold up.

Myth #1: Bleach Is the Best Way to Remove Stains

Right? Wrong. In fact, scrubbing shower stains with bleach can cause them to set, making them even more difficult to remove in the long run. And even though a newly bleached surface may look clean and white, the mold and mildew you’ve seemingly removed still exists under the shower’s porous surface.

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Myth # 2: The More Products, The Better

Haven’t you heard that less is more? If you use separate products to clean different parts of your bathroom, an all-in-one solution will not only save you time, but help prevent accidents that can occur by mixing different types of chemicals. In addition, you should always follow manufacturer directions about how much of a specific product to use.

Myth # 3: Vinegar Is a Great Natural Cleaner

Leave it for the salad dressings. Although vinegar is effective for certain uses, such as removing tarnish from your faucet, it doesn’t do much when used to scrub. Furthermore, not only does it leave your bathroom with an unpleasant smell, it can actually damage your surfaces made from natural stone. By the same token, you should never use vinegar on hardwood floors.

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Myth # 4: Clean Your Toilet with Soda

While unique DIY cleaning tips are all over social media, this is one you should avoid. The acids in soda are effective at removing stains, but the bacteria in your toilet will actually feed on this sugary beverage. Steer clear, and opt for a more traditional toilet cleaner.

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