4 Bathroom Vanity Ideas So Cool They’ll Have You Skipping to the Loo!

If you thought your bathroom vanity had to be a boring cabinet, think again! Take a look at these unexpected bathroom vanity creations for some serious inspiration. We found these on Pinterest and were so awestruck we just had to share!

1. Galvanized Tubs Add Country Charm

Galvanized Tubs -Bathroom Vanity Pic



How fun are these galvanized tubs in this country chic bathroom?! Combined with the unfinished wood shelf, a vanity mirror created from a vintage window pane and a rustic ladder towel rack, this look is the epitome of country charm.





2. I’d Like to Teach the World to Sink!

Coca Cola Bathroom Vanity Picture


Like the old jingle, his old Coca Cola chest teaches us that what’s old can be made new again. This retro vanity is certainly unexpected and sure to make a statement in any bathroom. Simply adding a wooden countertop and a clean sink turned this antique into the perfect bathroom vanity. Talk about refreshing!

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3. Sew You’re Looking for a Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Sewing Machine Picture


This antique sewing machine cabinet makes the perfect bathroom vanity even providing drawers on either side for storage. A white porcelain sink complements the white wall tile creating a seamless look (see what we did there?)

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4. A Bicycle Built for the Loo

Bicycle Bathroom Vanity Picture


Now, this is unexpected, but it just goes to show you that there really are no limits when it comes to repurposing just about anything to create a bathroom vanity. They simply attached a wooden shelf to the seat of the bike and added a sink. And how cute is the basket as a towel holder?




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