3 Reasons Not to Shop the Big Box Store for Shower Doors

big box shoppingIf you’re shopping for a new shower door, you’ve probably noticed you can buy glass shower doors in a number of stores. So, why would anyone pay the cost of custom doors and installation with Precision Glass? Because the big box stores just don’t compare. Take a look at the difference between the big box stores and a specialty store like Precision Glass.

Go with the Glass Experts

To make a long story short, Precision Glass is a specialty store that only works in custom glass. Our  technicians have the experience and training to spot problems before they happen. Glass is all we do, and you know the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” If your shower door store also sells candy bars and tabloids, they’re probably not much of a master.

Shower Doors Are Never One Size Fits All

Contrary to what many of our customers think, there aren’t “standard” shower sizes. The one-size-fits-all solutions you find in big box stores are made with a rough guesstimate of what would fit a typical shower. Because showers are generally made to fit into a bathroom, not the other way around, they come in all shapes and sizes. Even before you consider hardware and other objects that might be in your way, the chances of a cookie cutter shower door fitting the way it should are slim to none.

Thinking about a shower curtain as a quick, “one-size fits all” fix? Read this first.

Avoid Amateur Installation

If you decided to move your sink to the other side of the bathroom, you would call a plumber, right? Water can be devastatingly destructive and, during building projects, it’s really best left to the professionals. So why try to install the only thing standing between your shower head and the rest of your bathroom on your own? Getting a shower door from Precision Glass also means getting that door installed by one of our trained professionals.

If you’re still not sure why a shower door from Precision Glass is any better than the one you could order online, stop by our showroom. Our experienced team would love to show you the difference! Give us a call at (816) 781-0087 or swing by.